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Omega-3 (Fish Oil) For Schizophrenia

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Omega-3 (Fish Oil) For Schizophrenia

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Omega-3 (Fish Oil) For Schizophrenia

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Scientists and medical experts have different opinions on the benefits of omega-3 for schizophrenia. Some experts believe that omega-3 can help treat the disease because it helps the brain synthesize different neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and glutamate that are involved in mood regulation and cognition. In addition, omega-3 is a component of nerve cell

Views in favor

Tia Ghose, the Assistant Managing Editor at Live Science who also has a

Omega-3s May Prevent Full-Blown Schizophrenia

Views against

This article discusses the results of the NUERAPRO trial that tried to

Final Word? Omega-3's Don't Prevent Transition to Psychosis

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Omega-3 (Fish Oil) For Schizophrenia

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