What is AposBook

AposBook is a specialized natural medicine platform that allows people to find all kinds of natural treatments for any health condition IN ONE CLICK, instead of searching thousands of websites. 

And if you want to learn more about any solution, you can find all the information IN ONE PLACE instead of spending weeks and weeks browsing over the net.

Users can also discuss, add content, and exchange knowledge to help each other’s. We strongly encourage our community members to write testimonials and remain genuine about it, so that people can benefit from these personal experiences.

AposBook.com database includes thousands of natural treatments that cover herbal medicine, diet programs, plant-based medicine, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), natural compounds, vitamins, supplements, and home remedies.

It is a huge knowledge base that not a single health expert can ever possess but technology does. Yes, we have it all... and we offer it for free to all the people as part of our contribution to the society to help everyone live better and healthier.


~ Our Philosophy ~

We don’t recommend nor promote nor reject any natural solution. We also don’t favor natural medicine over classic medicine, or vice versa. We only facilitate search and provide comprehensive and structured information, so users can find all options available and assess what works best for them.

AposBook “Rethink your medicine”.


~ Story Behind Our Name ~

Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, music, art, archery, truth, knowledge, and, most importantly, healing, medicine, and disease. 

Although he is often known as “The Healer,” he also gave people diseases when he struck them with his silver-tipped arrows. However, Apollo taught men the art of medicine to find ways to cure illnesses.
In the modern, trendy world of today, we like to call him Apo. 

Apo gained new technology skills and placed all his knowledge of the various medical conditions and natural solutions in a digital book that he called “AposBook” or Apo’s book.