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Water fluoridation

Is it Harmful to Humans?

What is Water Fluoridation? Water fluoridation is the artificial process of adding more fluoride to the water supply to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Water ...

Cow milk

Is it Harmful to Humans?

Why We Drink Cow Milk? People have been drinking cow milk since the domestication of cows in central Europe thousands of years ago because it ...


Are they Harmful to Humans?

What are Vaccines? A vaccine, also called immunization, consists of a weakened or dead form of a bacteria or virus that helps the body acquire ...

Egg yolk

Does it Really Increase Cholesterol Levels?

What is Egg Yolk? Egg yolks are the yellow part of the egg. Egg yolk contains many vitamins, minerals, lipids, and proteins. However, many experts ...

Holistic Doctors Deaths

Are They Murders or Accidents?

Is Holistic Medicine a Threat to Big Pharma? Holistic medicine is an approach that looks at diseases from a holistic perspective. It addresses the root ...

Root Canals

Do They Cause Diseases?

What Is a Root Canal Procedure? A root canal is a procedure designed to treat an infected or damaged tooth. During this treatment, a dentist ...


Do They Really Harm Our Health?

What are GMOs? A genetically modified organism (GMO) is any plant, animal, or organism whose DNA has been altered in a lab using genetic engineering ...

Microwave Ovens

Are They Really Bad for Overall Health?

How Does the Microwave Work? A microwave or microwave oven is a kitchen appliance that cooks or heats up food using electromagnetic radiation called microwaves ...