Editorial policy

There has been an increasing interest in natural and alternative medicine in recent years; however, this topic is controversial and still subject to debate. And even though more and more doctors are recognizing the benefits of natural therapies and opting to use them in their practice, most medical doctors still do not trust natural medicine and believe it is not always safe and effective. 

Despite all this, more people are choosing natural medicine because it provides effective and affordable treatment options for many medical conditions that other disciplines failed to treat. It also offers a more personal and holistic approach to treating the disease rather than just eliminating the symptoms. People may also experience fewer side effects and genuinely feel better when using natural solutions. 

Furthermore, many people believe that moving away from nature is the main reason behind most of our health issues. They also have rising suspicions about the medical industry’s role in healthcare.

They question whether it is working toward finding permanent solutions for diseases or if it has a hidden agenda to profit from them. As such, many believe that corporate interests are driving the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

That is why they oppose natural medicine practices and do not want to promote them even if the natural solutions are effective. This is mainly because they do not want to find permanent solutions for diseases so they can continue reaping the financial benefits of permanently treating patients and selling more drugs.  

However, even alternative medicine has its drawbacks. The major problem plaguing the field is the lack of a present and supportive regulatory authority.

There are no legal bodies that can help oversee each discipline, help develop proper literature and research, expand knowledge, and enforce rules and regulations to control how information is produced and put into practice. At AposBook, we want to do something about this.


The original editorial information we provide is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Before proceeding with any treatment, always seek the advice of a medical expert or qualified health professional.

Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read or heard about on Aposbook.com. 

Our beliefs: 

We strive to produce reliable and trustworthy material based on the latest information from medical literature, such as scientific articles and case studies. It is carefully compiled, reviewed, and later synthesized by experts in the field.

To maintain full transparency on our platform, we allow our users to edit or suggest changes to our content if they think some information is incorrect or missing.

We also allow users to post or share material they have created or found interesting so they can enrich people’s knowledge about natural solutions.  

To overcome some of the issues within the field of alternative medicine, we want our content to adhere to the highest standards of:

1.    Authenticity

Our goal is to create awareness about health issues and provide people with factual information about natural solutions. That is why we do not recommend or reject any natural solution or any medical treatment.

We strive to be neutral and remain authentic when talking about natural solutions, so we do not support or reject any solution, product, or treatment.

Furthermore, to maintain objectivity, we did not pursue any affiliation with any individual or business organization that promotes any natural or medical solution or treatment, and we do not receive funding from them.

2.    Integrity 

We make every effort to remain the most credible source of information about natural solutions and alternative medicine treatments. The content we produce only benefits our members and does not serve us in any way.

We want to serve the public honestly and ethically, so we do not endorse, reject, or omit any information about any natural solution, treatment, or product. 

We strive to be completely truthful when we write about different treatments or practices. To maintain our integrity, we give our users the option to suggest changes to our material if they feel anything is missing.

Our users can also add content to our platform to make sure we provide everyone with the most comprehensive and complete information.

3.    Transparency  

We aim to provide you with thorough evidence about natural solutions. That is why our team analyzes the natural solutions from different angles before they present it to you. They review articles by various medical doctors and healthcare experts about each treatment.

They make sure to cover the perspective of those who support it and those who are against it. They also review tutorials, conferences, and interviews available online, and add them to our platform as supplementary material.

We also include other people’s success and failure stories using natural solutions so you can see their effectiveness for yourself.

We want to present you with the facts, so you get a 360 degrees perspective about each natural solution. That way, you check the different opinions about every available solution and assess the pros and cons. 

4.    Excellence  

AposBook has a team of experts on board. The research and content development team consists of people who come from different disciplinary backgrounds. We have certified medical experts, licensed nutritionists, health scientists, biologists, and physicians who all conduct research, write articles, and verify information related to their field of expertise. 

They all strive to search for, filter, select, and investigate all the natural solutions and treatments that can heal or treat different medical conditions and present the information in a balanced manner. To do so, they review scientific research and synthesize the information related to the science behind these different alternative medicine treatments, why they might work, and how they can treat various medical problems. 

5.    Community

We believe that people can acquire knowledge by learning from others and benefiting from their experiences. Every person is unique and can offer lot of insights into many things we never thought about before.

We built this platform to provide our users with the means to share their knowledge with others because we believe in the power of community, and our users are our family.

They can share their expertise by writing testimonials or writing about their personal experiences with particular natural solutions. They can also offer others support and advice when they need it.  

We ask that everyone remains genuine and transparent when sharing their perspectives with others because they can unintentionally help or hurt someone.

Their words can also unknowingly influence other people’s decisions. Therefore, we urge you to think well before you speak and write anything.   

External Content: 

We only include summaries of third party content. If our users want to access the full document, we always provide them with an external link to direct users to the original content.

We respect the intellectual property of others, so we acknowledge and attribute the article’s author or publisher properly when adding it to our platform. 

If you see that your material has been published on our platform and you have any special attribution requirements attached to your content, please contact us at info@aposbook.com. We will attribute your work according to your specifications. 

User Content:

We are passionate about community learning and want to build a community of people who can discuss different topics as well as share their personal experiences with others. If our users want to publish their work on our platform, they are more than welcome to submit content on there. 
Here are a few guidelines they should follow:

1.    Personal Content

Our users, just like our content writers, need to be ethical and responsible when reporting factual content. Content that our members write or create should be scientifically accurate and supported by research, scientific literature, or sound analysis.

They are free to publish it on the Wiki Platform, but if they use information from another source, they should cite their sources properly and mention them in their reference list. 

We are not legally responsible for any copyright violations on user content. Therefore, we advise our users to be responsible when posting content and make sure that the article or video they submit is not subject to copyright.   

Any content not properly attributed to its original author is considered plagiarism and will be removed from our platform.  

2.    Public Content 

When sharing content, users should:

•    Try and make sure that the information they post is trustworthy and reliable
•    Correctly attribute information to the source 
•    Only share work if they believe they are authorized to do so 

AposBook is not responsible for any user copyright infringement. If you know or suspect that any material has been published without proper authorization, please alert us immediately at info@aposbook.com.  

Corrections Policy:

We are committed to correcting or clarifying our content when we consider it necessary. We always update our content based on the latest medical literature, including research papers and case studies available to us. 

We also edit spelling and grammar and fix stylistic writing errors if there are any.
If you believe you have found errors in our content, you can flag the information, and notify us at info@aposbook.com.

We will review the content you flagged to determine if your claim is valid. If it is, we will correct any errors and update the information as soon as we can.

You can also suggest edits to the material you find to be inaccurate. Once you click on the “Suggest edits” button, you can correct or update the content that you believe contains errors.

Your edits are subject to our approval. If we approve your changes, your name will be listed under the “Contributor” heading above the edited content.   

This corrections policy only applies to our content. Any articles or materials published by external parties abide by the terms present in their own corrections policy. 

September 17, 2020