About Us / Our mission

About Us

At Aposbook, we want to help people live better and healthier. But how can people make better health decisions if they are not even aware of the various solutions and treatments available for them? 

Aposbook allows people to find all kinds of natural solutions for any health condition and learn everything about each. As such, they are able to see and assess the various options available, and decide what works best for them.

Aposbook, “Rethink your medicine”.

Our main aim is to:

- Empower people: our ultimate aim is your health and we want you to choose what is best for you. Whether natural medicine or classic medicine, we don’t favor nor support any over the other. We believe both are there to help people and save lives. That’s why our main objective is to create awareness about natural solutions and provide you with proper knowledge to help you better assess and decide what is most suitable for you. 

Redefine natural medicine: we want to change the false perceptions surrounding natural medicine because it so much more than just Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) or simple home remedies. 

Hence, when people search for natural medicine, we want them also to consider herbal medicine, diets programs, plant-based medicine, natural compounds, and vitamins and supplements, among other things. 

To accomplish our mission, our primary efforts remain focused on the following key areas:

- Building technology: we build special tools and technology to allow people to find all the natural solutions in a single click and provide them with easy access to knowledge and information. 

- Developing literature: we analyze research, review scientific journal articles, and investigate different kinds of data to develop reliable literature and provide people with comprehensive and credible information. 

- Expanding knowledge: there are many natural healing experts from different disciplines who possess a lot of knowledge in various fields. We created a “wiki option” to allow them to add content to our platform. As such, they can help people by sharing information and improve awareness about different solutions. 

- Growing communities: We want people to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences. We built tools to facilitate communication and interaction between our users, so they discuss and exchange ideas, ask questions, and share their personal experiences with natural solutions.