Omega-3 fish oil is beneficial for glaucoma.

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Omega-3 (Fish Oil) For Glaucoma

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Omega-3 for Glaucoma: does it help reduce glaucoma and why?

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Omega-3 (Fish Oil) For Glaucoma

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Omega-3 (Fish Oil) For Glaucoma

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Scientists and medical experts have different opinions on the benefits of omega-3 for glaucoma. Some experts believe that omega-3 can help treat glaucoma because it reduces intraocular pressure in the eye, increases blood flow to the eye, and protects the eye against inflammation and nerve damage. Recent studies show that omega-3 can decrease intraocular pressure and

Views in favor

Dr. Aakriti Shukla, MD of The Wills Eye Hospital Glaucoma Service,

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Views against

Dr. Jeffrey SooHoo, MD from the University of Colorado School of

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Omega-3 (Fish Oil) For Glaucoma

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