Metabolic typing diet: use, benefits, and precautions. What is metabolic typing diet and how it works.

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Metabolic Typing Diet

Metabolic Typing Diet: Uses, Benefits, Foods, and More

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The metabolic typing diet is controversial topic, especially because it is not adequately supported by research. Accordingly, a limited number of nutritionists and healthcare experts advocate for this diet and agree on the science behind it. On the one hand, supporters of the diet believe that this diet can have tremendous overall health benefits because it

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Gavin Watterson, a nutritionist and lifestyle coach, discusses the

Metabolic Typing “ Specific Nutritional Profiling For Different Body Types By Dr. Gavin Watterson

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- Wolcott, W. L., & Fahey, T. (2014). The metabolic typing diet: Customize your diet for permanent weight loss, optimum health, preventing and reversing disease, staying young at any age. New York: Harmony Books.

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