Lyme disease is caused by some types of bacteria. It is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected blacklegged ticks.

Lyme Disease: Causes, Prevention, and Natural Treatments

Complete Guide to Lyme Disease

Natural Treatments for Lyme Disease

Gerson diet
Apitherapy Bee Venom Th
NAD / NMN / Nicotinamid
Apitherapy Honey Produc

Lyme Disease Dos and Don'ts

Always check your body for ticks. A tick should be removed by pulling it away from the skin with the help of tweezers or a similar device. The area of the skin should be washed

Consume fruits, vegetables, and high-quality proteins because they support the immune system. Supporting the immune system is crucial to attack the infection and reduce the

Fiber is useful for assisting the body with detoxification by eliminating toxins associated with Lyme disease.

Consume foods rich in probiotics as they help keep the gut flora healthy. This is important to reinforce the immune system and help to rebalance immune responses against

Drinking water assists in detoxification. Lyme patients naturally accumulate an excessive amount of bodily toxins. Water is the easiest and most essential way to help purge

Processed foods are associated with increased risks of chronic inflammatory diseases and exacerbating chronic inflammation. Hence, avoiding processed foods is crucial for

Avoid eating sugar and refined carbohydrates because sugar suppresses the immune system, which increases the symptoms of Lyme disease.

Dairy is a primary source of inflammation and causes digestive issues. These digestive problems can suppress the immune system because much of the immune response originates in

Patients with Lyme disease should avoid gluten because gluten is one of the main causative agents of inflammation in the body. Thus, it’s important to cut back on gluten,

Avoid industrial seed oils because they are considered potent inflammatory triggers, which would worsen Lyme disease symptoms.

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