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What science says about Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Allergy

In general, there is not much opposition toward following an anti-inflammatory diet to treat allergyHowever, many experts and medical professionals require additional evidence to confirm that the anti-inflammatory diet can relieve allergy symptoms, since very few scientific researches exist at the moment.


Opinion in favor of following an anti-inflammatory diet to treat allergy:

Proponents of this diet believe that the anti-inflammatory diet can relieve allergy related symptoms due to the fact that inflammation is an important trait that accompanies this condition. 

There are many statements and medical evidences supporting the fact that following an anti-inflammatory diet can help in relieving the allergy symptoms. 

This is also reinforced by the fact that replacing high fat, high sugar, processed and refined foods by fresh and wholefoods that are consumed in the anti-inflammatory diet can actually decrease inflammation, which in turn can reduce the allergy symptoms. 

Skeptical views about following an anti-inflammatory diet to treat allergy:

The opponents of the anti-inflammation diet to treat allergies agree that some foods have actually shown anti-inflammatory effects by decreasing CRP and other inflammatory markers. However, according to them, this doesn’t conclude that the anti-inflammatory diet can really prevent or relieve the symptoms of allergy which is mainly inflammation.

Accordingly, they claim that there’s not enough research and detailed data in particular about this matter. Hence, some medical experts find it challenging to believe that certain foods can really treat some medical conditions and diseases such as allergy.

Views against Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Allergy

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