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Sleep Apnea: Causes, Prevention, and Natural Treatments

Complete Guide to Sleep Apnea

Natural Treatments for Sleep Apnea

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Sleep Apnea Dos and Don'ts

Weak throat muscles can cause obstructive apnea, and exercise can help strengthen them. Exercise also helps a person lose weight.

Maintaining proper weight is critical to prevent sleep apnea because being overweight obstructs the airways and triggers sleep apnea.  

Sleeping belly up can cause airway obstruction. Sleeping on your side is a better alternative because it does not put pressure on the stomach or airways, diminishing snoring and

Lifting the head of the bed between 10 and 15 cm higher causes gravity to pull the relaxed throat muscles down at an angle that does not block the passage of air.

Excessive alcohol consumption interferes with the sleep cycle and relaxation of the throat muscles. This can cause obstructive apnea and trigger sleep disorders.

Cigarette smoke irritates the mucosa and tends to cause swelling of the nostrils and throat. This reduces the space where the airflow passes and triggers sleep apnea

Sleeping with the belly up can make sleep apnea symptoms get worse. This is because the jaw moves down and back in this position, pressing the pharynx and making it

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