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What science says about Folic Acid / Vitamin B9 For Diabetes

Folic acid is not considered a main treatment for diabetes but mostly a supplement that has contributing beneficial effects, as it decreases the glycemic index and improves insulin receptors. However, these benefits are still subject to controversy among health experts, and many might not agree with these statements as they require more research in order to confirm this.

For instance, health experts that support the use of folic acid to reduce diabetes suggest it aids in the reduction of insulin resistance by improving the body’s metabolic functions and lowering homocysteine levels in the plasma. This allows the insulin receptors to work properly, thus diminishing the onset of diabetes.

On the other hand, some researchers would disagree with folic acid’s role in reducing diabetes. Instead, they believe that folic acid might play a contributing role to the development of diabetes for some people. Accordingly, they require more research to better understand this relation and be able to recognize the exact dosage needed.

Also, Dr. Chris Fraker, Ph.D, Surgery and Cellular Transplantation, has found evidence that folic acid impairs the function of natural killer cells’ and induces an immune-suppressive behavior in the body. This weakens the body’s immune system especially in people with genetic susceptibility for diabetes or other auto-immune diseases.

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