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Folic Acid / Vitamin B9 For Depression

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What science says about Folic Acid / Vitamin B9 For Depression

Folic acid for depression is still a controversial topic for scientists and researchers.

On one hand, supporters of this topic suggest taking folic acid to reduce depressive symptoms. They suggest that several forms of folate are safe and efficient in treating individuals with depressive disorders.

Elizabeth Somer, M.A. R.D, advises to take folic acid since it aids in the synthesis of neurotransmitters which could improve a person’s mood and reduce depression symptoms. Also, Dr. John Zajecka, M.D. Psychiatrist, recommends taking folic acid along with other treatments to decrease depression symptoms.

On the other hand, some researchers would disagree with folic acid’s role in reducing depression as more information is needed to better understand this relation and to know more about the dosage needed.

Views against Folic Acid / Vitamin B9 For Depression

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