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Folic Acid / Vitamin B9 For Alzheimer (Dementia)

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What science says about Folic Acid / Vitamin B9 For Alzheimer (Dementia)

Taking folic acid supplements to reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms and improve cognitive functions is still a controversial topic among scientists and health experts.

Supporters of this topic recommend taking folic acid to minimize the risks of Alzheimer’s disease as well as dementia. They suggest it reduces inflammation affecting brain structures related to cognition, memory and behavior.

Also, it helps in decreasing folate deficiency which allows the proper functioning of cognition. Accordingly, folic acid limits the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and slows down cognitive decline in the aging community.

However, other health experts have concerns about the effectiveness of folic acid in fighting and preventing Alzheimer’s disease as they believe more research is still required.

According to them, more evidence is required because research have shown mixed results concerning the effect of folic acid on cognitive function in healthy adults or in those with mild to moderate cognitive decline or dementia.

As a result, folic acid for Alzheimer’s and dementia is still considered an active area of research and more trials are yet to be done. 

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