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Folic Acid / Folate For Blood Pressure

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What science says about Folic Acid / Folate For Blood Pressure

Most doctors and scientists recommend taking folic acid for its beneficial effects to reduce high blood pressure and reduce heart disease or stroke risks. 

Dr. Willett suggests that everyone, especially people who have hypertension, should consume a generous amount of fruits vegetables as well as multivitamins and supplements to get enough folic acid. 

Research showed that folic acid (vitamin B9) is beneficial for people with hypertension where it decreases blood pressure levels and lowers the risk of heart disease and other. 

It is considered a safe supplement to take orally through tablets or intravenously through needles according to the person’s case. The only concern for some doctors is about pregnant women taking folic acid mid-pregnancy as it can increase blood pressure instead of lowering it. 

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