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What science says about Fast Metabolism Diet For Weight Loss

The Fast Metabolism diet for weight loss is subject to conflicting views by various nutrition and medical experts. 

On one hand, some nutrition experts do agree with this type of diet and believe that this rotation of nutrients can promote fast metabolism and weight loss. This is also true given the fact that this diet focuses on healthy foods while incorporating physical training as an important aspect of this diet program.

Nevertheless, the larger number of healthcare experts reject the theory behind the Fast Metabolism given that there is no scientific logic, nor research and clinical evidence to support the claim that food rotation can really boost the metabolism.

Accordingly, opponents of this diet believe that the weight loss results mainly from the healthy way of eating, restricting calories, and the training program included in the diet that promotes weight loss.

For them, the Fast Metabolism Diet remains a way to promote this diet program through creating a nice marketing concept around it, and a way to attract people and sell books. 


Opinion in favor of Fast Metabolism Diet for Weight Loss

Proponents of the Fast Metabolism Diet believe that by eating the right foods at the right time, the metabolism can be altered and sped up. They suggest that rotating between phases every week causes the body to start reducing stress and releasing good hormones to balance food. Furthermore, this would reduce cortisol levels, and hence can help in boosting metabolism and promoting weight loss.

Haylie Pomroy the creator of the diet calls herself the “metabolism whisperer”. She claims that foods low in nutrients slow down the metabolism and lead to weight gain. She quotes “The beauty of your metabolism is that it can be manipulated, because how you eat and move and live affects how much of your food is stored as fat, how much is used as energy, and how much is devoted to building the structure that is your body."

In support of the diet also, Haylie published many books to explain in detail the theory behind the Fast Metabolism diet, and promote lifestyle changes as well.

There are many testimonials and videos available over the Internet for individuals claiming that they have been doing sports and following different diets for quite some time but they were not able to lose weight. 
However, by following the Fast Metabolism Diet and maintaining the same previous level of physical activity, they were able to reduce weight.

Skeptical view on the benefit of Fast Metabolism Diet for Weight Loss

On the other hand, opponents of the Fast Metabolism diet disagree with the claims made around it. According to them, all the rules and structure of this diet are not based on any scientific evidence or logic. 

And while they agree that the Fast Metabolism diet is good to follow because it is rich in healthy foods and promotes exercise, however they do believe that there is no clinical evidence or research that it can speed up the metabolism as the diet claims. 

For them, Hailey is creating a nice marketing concept around previously recommended dietary habits, but she is doing it in her own way. This is the case, especially that eating healthy and exercising is already known to promote weight loss.

Subsequently, opponents of the Fast Metabolism Diet believe that the diet benefits for weight loss are coming mainly from:

1-Consuming healthy foods and eliminating sugar and alcohol, plus other non-beneficiary foods. Hence this would allow for less calories’ consumption, i.e. similar effect as calories restriction kind of diet.

2-Engaging in physical activity that helps in burning extra calories. Hence this would promote weight loss further.

3- Building more muscle mass that is known to promote more fat burning and hence can help in reducing weight further.

In addition to this, many nutrition experts disagree with the claim made about phase 1 of the Fast Metabolism Diet. This claim suggests that carbs loading in phase 1 helps in fat burning while actually many scientists believe completely the opposite given that carbohydrates do promote weight gain. 

Based on many studies, high fat diets have proven to burn fat and reduce weight compared to high carb diets that have led to more weight gain. To learn more about this, you can check the section about Keto diet for weight loss and Atkins diet for weight loss.

Subsequently, opponents of the Fast Metabolism Diet classify this diet as a fad diet and believe that Haylie’s approach is more business and marketing oriented rather than being scientific and clinical. The diet is also criticized for being a way to promote other supplements along with the diet, and an opportunistic approach to sell more books and achieve personal fame. 

Views in favor of Fast Metabolism Diet For Weight Loss

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