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What science says about Keto Diet For Alzheimer / Dementia

The low carbs keto diet for Alzheimer is being thoroughly investigated now as a potential solution for the treatment and prevention of this disease. But still, this suggestion is under scrutiny and subject to an on-going debate.

On one hand, many medical and healthcare experts believe that this diet can help in preventing and reversing Alzheimer's diseaseResearches and medical evidences are also available to support these statements. Many doctors speak about their success stories in curing patients. Plus, lot of literature is being published to reinforce these claims.

On the other hand, there’s lack of confidence in the diet because there’s not enough solid research to support this. It’s also not fully clear how this diet works to treat Alzheimer.

Moreover, it is argued that the long terms effects of the keto diet are still unknown. Plus, depriving an Alzheimer patient from a food group is not believed to be a healthy decision as it might cause health complications. 

Health experts in favor of doing Keto Diet to treat Alzheimer’s Disease

Many medical and nutrition experts believe that the main problem behind Alzheimer’s disease is directly related to glucose metabolism in the brain and insulin resistance. As such, some medical experts define this disease as “type 3 diabetes”. 

Given that the brain can’t process glucose and use it properly for energy and nutrition, the brain functions start deteriorating. 

However, the keto diet can provide an alternative source of energy and nutrition for the brain known as ketones. It is believed that these ketones are even more efficient than glucose and can be properly processed to help the brain maintain its functions. Hence, the keto diet can have beneficial healing effects for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

There are many statements and medical evidences available as well to support the fact that following a low carb, high fat diet can help in relieving or delaying Alzheimer symptoms. 

For instance, a study titled “Dietary ketosis enhances memory in mild cognitive impairment” showed that ketone levels were positively correlated with memory enhancement, hence proving that a low-carb diet can benefit the memory of patients with Alzheimer’s.


Health experts against doing Keto Diet for Alzheimer

On the other hand, many medical and health experts confirm that the keto diet may deprive the body and brain from many essential nutrients. 

This is worrying for them as they believe that in this case of Alzheimer’s diseases, patients would be at risk of malnutrition. On top of this, the keto diet is believed to decrease the appetite which may worsen Alzheimer’s condition further. 

Opponents of the keto diet for Alzheimer’s disease also argue that there is not enough research to support the theory that this diet may prevent or treat this condition. 

However, by the same token, they do not provide any concrete evidence or research against the keto diet for Alzheimer to refute these claims. They do not also present any proof to show that this diet is not effective, or is it can be harmful.

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