Blood type diet for heart disease: Food list by blood type. Why blood type diet helps reduce cardiovascular disease.

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Blood type diet For Atherosclerosis / Heart disease

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Can Blood Type Diet Reduce Heart Disease?

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Medical doctors and health experts have varying opinions on the blood type diet for heart disease. Supporters of the diet claim that some blood types are more at risk for heart disease than others due to genetic factors relating to blood types. They also claim that certain blood types should avoid specific foods that are not suitable for them because these foods can

Views in favor

Peter D’Adamo, the creator of the blood type diet, refutes the claim

The PLOS / 'Blood Type Diet' Study: A Look at the Core Data

Views against

Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in

Theory behind popular blood-type diet debunked

Additional benefits of Blood Type Diet

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