Girl suffering from acne with pimples and blackheads on the face.

Acne: Causes, Prevention, and Natural Treatments

Complete Guide to Acne

Natural Treatments for Acne

Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Activated Charcoal
Tea Tree Oil
Platelet-Rich Plasma (P
Apitherapy Bee Venom Th
Laser Therapy
Chelation Therapy
Cupping (Hijama)
Moxibustion Therapy
Apitherapy Honey Produc
Vegan diet
Alkaline Diet
Low Glycemic Index (LGI
Onion / Allium Cepa
Apple Cider Vinegar
Aloe Vera
Green Tea
DIM / Diindolylmethane
Acupoint Catgut Embeddi
Keto Diet / No Carbs Di
Milk Thistle / Silybum
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Omega 3 (PUFAs)

Acne Dos and Don'ts

Cleansing your skin properly is very important because the accumulation of dust and bacteria can clog the pores and make acne symptoms worst. However, overwashing

Some skincare products may contain oil and can contribute to the appearance of acne. It is advised to choose oil free skincare products. 

It is preferred to use a sponge to wash the face because it can help unclog the blocked pores better than hands or a wash cloth. Using a sponge can also reduce the spread

Anti-inflammatory foods and foods rich in omega-3 are recommended for acne as they can help reduce acne breakouts. Some of these foods include: - Salmon:

Fatty and greasy foods end up stimulating the production of sebaceous glands, that can lead to the increase of the oiliness of the skin.

Stress does not cause acne but it results in a hormonal imbalance that can make your acne symptoms look worst. When your body is under stress, it starts producing cortisol and

Do not sleep with make up on. This causes cosmetic waste to clog the pores, favoring the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

Avoid sun exposure because ultraviolet rays (UV) will burn your skin and make it dry. As a result, this will trigger an injury response in the skin and the sebaceous

If there is excessive cleaning, this can cause dryness, irritation, or tightness of the skin. The body will interpret this as some external factor destroying the

Although it may feel good to get rid of these blackheads and pimples, it is not advisable to do so. Squeezing or pinching the skin can cause infections and

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