Dr. Bob McCauley recommends taking ribose to boost energy, improve physical performance, and improve heart health. He advises everyone to take it. He even says that he takes 5 grams of ribose in the morning and 5 grams in the afternoon and he feels great energy that keeps him very active.

Ribose: The ATP Producer Giving You More Energy

May 2016

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* RIBOSE Improves Athletic Performance
* RIBOSE Increases Endurance
* RIBOSE Supports Cardiovascular System
* RIBOSE is a Low Glycemic Sugar
*  RIBOSE is the Backbone of the ATP structure
* ATP is where the body gets energy
* RIBOSE Reduces recovery time
* RIBOSE Increases energy supplies in heart and muscle tissue
*RIBOSE Improves cardiac efficiency
* RIBOSE Increases tolerance of low oxygen environments
* RIBOSE exists in every cell of the body
* RIBOSE improves physical performance of inactive people
* The more RIBOSE  that is available to the body, the more quickly ATP levels return to normal.
* RIBOSE reduces muscle pain and fatigue 
* RIBOSE rejuvenates cardiac and skeletal muscles

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