Siobhan Violin, MD, discusses some researches showing that people who follow a Keto diet (low carbs diet that is high in meat products) will die faster. The recommendation for people who wish to follow a low carbs diet is about making it all from plant based proteins. So, lots of nuts and vegetables and healthy oils.

DOES THE KETO DIET KILL? Doctor Reviews Low Carb Diets and Mortality

August 2018

Breaking news this week about the Keto Diet! A new article in the Lancet Journal associates low carb diets and animal products with increased mortality!

I have actually been doing the keto diet for the past 6 weeks, so I was very interested to read about these results. By the end of this video you will understand what this new article is saying and be able to make an educated decision about your diet! 

I truly believe this information is very important - so SHARE this video with people you care about!! There's a chance it could affect their life expectancy.

0:00​  What is Keto?
1:14​  My experience doing the keto diet for 6 weeks 
1:57​  Understanding the study
2:17​  Association between carb intake and mortality?
3:43​  Animal vs. plant fat/protein and mortality? 
4:41​  Meta-analysis: is this applicable to me?
5:24​  Bottom line: 
6:10​  My personal diet plan

For more information, check out the original article: "Dietary carbohydrate intake and mortality: a prospective cohort study and meta-analysis" by Siedelmann et al.​

Special thank you to Dr. Mark Weatherall for helping with a literature search on low carb diets!

Thank you so much for watching!!
I'm looking forward to seeing your COMMENTS and THOUGHTS about the keto diet!

~ Siobhan (Violin MD) ~

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