Risks and Precautions of Genetically Modified Organisms
This review discusses the risks of using GMO crops and the negative effects they may have on the environment as well as human health if humans develop antibacterial resistance.

Risks and Precautions of Genetically Modified Organisms

By: Dhan Prakash, Sonika Verma, Ranjana Bhatia, and B. N. Tiwary
Published: 22 Nov 2011


Commercial potential of biotechnology is immense since the scope of its activity covers the entire spectrum of human life. The most potent biotechnological approach is the transfer of specifically constructed gene assemblies through various techniques. However, this deliberate modification and the resulting entities thereof have become the bone of contention all over the world. Benefits aside, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have always been considered a threat to environment and human health. In view of this, it has been considered necessary by biosafety regulations of individual countries to test the feasibility of GMOs in contained and controlled environments for any potential risks they may pose. This paper describes the various aspects of risk, its assessment, and management which are imperative in decision making regarding the safe use of GMOs. Efficient efforts are necessary for implementation of regulations. Importance of the risk assessment, management, and precautionary approach in environmental agreements and activism is also discussed.

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