This video explains the nutritional value of oat milk versus almond milk and discusses which one is better.

Oat Milk vs. Almond Milk: part 1- Taste & Nutrition

March 2021

Comparing Oat Milk to Almond Milk.  Which tastes better? Which milk is healthier?  I compare Whole Foods 365 brand Oat milk and Almond milk from a taste perspective and also discuss the nutritional values of each.  This review should be helpful for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone looking to switch away from dairy milk. For anyone who's already used to drinking one or the other, they may be convinced to try something new.  I used unsweetened almond milk so results may vary when drinking almond milk with added sugar.  The water content of oat milk vs. almond milk may not differ- only by brand.  The ESG/sustainability of oat milk and almond milk was only briefly mentioned as it is a complicated subject and not the focus of the video. Variety is the spice of life.  And, in life, most things are a trade off.  SPOILER ALERT: Oat Milk and Almond milk are no exception! 

Find it here:
365 Everyday Value, Oatmilk Original, 64 Ounce
365 Everyday Value, Organic Almond Milk, Unsweetened, 64 fl oz
Oat Milk vs. Almond Milk: part 2- Frothing Test

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