Jan 2, 2012

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If you use a microwave to heat your food, this video is a must-see!

-Microwaves give off radiation.  
-Low dose radiation exposure over time has damaging effects.  

-Multiple studies have been performed on the effects of radiation from cell phones and microwaves.

Effects of Radiation:
1. Increased, spontaneous abortion
2. Shifts in red and white blood cell counts
3. Increased somatic mutation in lymphocytes
4. Increased childhood cancers

Alternatives to Microwaves:
Rather than using a microwave, use:
1. Stove
2. Convection oven

These methods take a bit more time, but it is well worth it!

Action Steps:
1. Replace your microwave with the stove or a convection oven.
2. Use headphones to talk on cell phones.
3. Try to avoid airport scanners by opting for a pat-down.
4. Try to reduce overall radiation exposure over time.

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