September 2020

Lets talk about clearing ACTIVE Hormonal Adult Acne with Laser Treatment -

HELLO EVERYONE!! FINALLY - Welcome to my channel!

I’m excited to start sharing videos – and even more excited to start with something that has been a struggle of mine within recent months – HORMONAL ADULT ACNE. In this video I talk about developing hormonal acne in my adult years after years of clear skin, the things I tried, and the things that worked without having to start ACCUTANE. It’s a journey, and things unfortunately don’t happen over-night. A special shout-out to Amanda with LMG Cosmetics in Scranton, PA for recommending the newest laser treatment “MORPHEUS8” and Medical Grade Skincare Products – the sole reason I am where I am with my clear skin today. You are most definitely not alone, and I hope to help in any way I can on your journey to finding clear skin as well! Comment below with any questions you may have. ♡

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