September 10, 2017

The diet that people eat on a regular basis can have a profound effect on the body, and its overall proper functioning. From eating foods that promote a boost in the immune system to consuming various kinds of fruits and juices to aid in a healthy digestive system, the foods that people eat can help the body stay active. So, for those of you who want to know what foods assist the body stay healthy, here’s some information about the addition of sugar in meals along with how it relates to epilepsy.

The question is, How can sugar affect epilepsy?

Recent Studies

There have been many different research studies completed on the body and how it is affected by the things that people consume on a regular basis. While some of these studies are focused on how well the body burns up calories, others concentrate on how it affects the body’s nervous system. Whatever the case or situation, the most recent studies unravel the links between the brain and seizure susceptibility and how it reacts when people eat high sugar diet programs.

An essential trial involves the use of a ketogenic diet. Notably, the ketogenic diet was studied to see if foods triggered human epilepsy by the foods that contained high glucose levels. Meaning whenever an individual consumed a certain amount of high glucose foods or drinks, they were more susceptible to an epileptic episode.

Some of the results of a ketogenic diet have been extremely impressive.  Eliminating sugar has shown that seizures were reduced as much as fifty percent in some children.  Getting the body in a ketogenic state can be challenging.  Reducing sugar by a detox program can be very beneficial.

Glucose Blood Levels can be Too low or Too High

According to the study, the blood sugar glucose level that an individual consumes can make a significant difference in how the body’s nervous system works. For instance, if a person had a piece of chocolate cake they were more prone to have an epileptic seizure. In these situations, the person may find that their glucose levels are not normal. In fact, when they have abnormal glucose levels, they may be subject to having seizures at either point. Typically, these usually means that the seizure may occur when the blood sugar glucose level is too high and off the charts or two low.


When people want to know how to take care of the body, they will do the research that is needed to find the right answers. In particular, sugar can be a source or trigger that causes epilepsy. Since sugar can have a significant impact on the entire body, it stands to reason that it can have a bearing on the nervous system too. This is one of the reasons why sugar can be traced to a wide range of problems and how much people love to put sugar on many of the things that they eat on a regular basis.