Dr. Josh Axe, doctor of natural medicine, chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, discusses the side effects of GMOs with Jeffrey Smith, the founder of the non-GMO movement. The side effects may include an increased risk of developing allergies, developing antibiotic resistance, developing problems in the endocrine system (especially in the pituitary gland), reproductive system disorders, accelerated aging or premature death, and cancerous tumor growth.

GMO Side Effects with Jeffrey Smith

Streamed live on Jan 12, 2017

Learn more about GMO labeling laws here: https://draxe.com/gmo-labeling-law/

Genetically modified foods are foods with altered DNA. Their genetic material has been combined with other forms of life, including other plant forms, insecticides, pesticides, bacteria and viruses.

In this video, I discuss the side effects of consuming GMO foods with guest expert Jeffrey Smith, the man behind the non-GMO movement. Consuming GMO foods causes system-wide damage, increased allergies, faster aging, potential tumor growth and so much more. Watch the video to learn about these GMO side effects and see the research for yourself.

To find out more about Jeffrey Smith and this movement, visit the Responsible Technology website here: http://responsibletechnology.org/

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