This video discusses what your eyes can tell you about your nutritional status and what health problems you might have.

Eye Health – 11 Things Your Eyes Tell You About the Nutrients In Your Body – Dr.Berg

Jul 19, 2020  Your eyes can tell you a lot about what nutrients your body needs. Find out more. 

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0:00 What your eyes can tell you about your nutritional status 
0:13 Inflammation in the eyes  
2:13 Hemorrhaging of the eye
3:30 Light sensitivity 
3:40 Vascular keratitis 
3:55 Dry eyes 
4:32 Night blindness 

Today we’re going to talk about the 11 things that your eyes can tell you about your nutritional status. 

Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the outer part of the eye. This could be a virus, like pink eye. In this case, you could try colloidal silver and zinc. 

Your eyes could also be inflamed from blue light if you’re in front of the computer all day long. There is a free app called f.lux that can filter out the blue light.

The less sleep you have, the more red your eyes can be. If you can’t sleep, you could have a potassium deficiency, calcium deficiency, magnesium deficiency, or a vitamin B1 deficiency. 

Allergies could make your eyes red. Vitamin A and vitamin D may help with this issue. Cod liver oil is a good source of both vitamin A and vitamin D. 

An immune disorder can occur with the eyes where you have high levels of a certain T cell (T helper cell 17). A good remedy could be vitamin D. 

Hemorrhaging of the eye could mean that you need more vitamin C, or vitamin K. Vegetables are high in both of these vitamins. 

Light sensitivity to the eyes could be a vitamin B1 deficiency. Nutritional yeast is a great source of vitamin B1. 

Vascular keratitis is an inflammatory condition of the eyes that seems to respond well to B vitamins. 

Dry eye is a classic symptom of a vitamin A deficiency. Fatty fish, egg yolks, butter, cheese, and cod liver oil are good sources of vitamin A. If you’re already consuming these foods, and you still have dry eyes, you could have a bile deficiency. In this case, purified bile salts may help. 

Night blindness could be an issue of low amounts of vitamin A. 

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Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand what your eyes are telling you about your nutritional status.

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