Dr. Bernardo was one of the stars of the documentary "icurecancer.com" by Ian Jacklin. He had one of highest success rates using the Otto Warburg's school of thought where Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment. So get some pH strips and make sure you keep your level around 7, 7.2! Dr. Bernardo's Diet basic idea: Eat as many organic green vegetables & red skinned potatoes as possible (except green peas). Raw is better than cooked but you can steam them. You can eat organic wild caught fish, venison, buffalo, lamb and tiny bit of turkey. Eat 80% vegetables and 20% meat (or no meat) depends on if they have lost a lot of weight. Meat will put weight on them. A drink that will put weight on a person is: organic whipping cream, coconut milk, almond milk and a little stevia. Taste like a vanilla shake! If you bake anything you use stevia in place of the sugar and gluten free all purpose baking flour instead of flour. If you want pancakes you can have buckwheat pancakes and only use organic eggs. Only organic butter allowed and should be raw, unpasteurized if possible. As far as oil goes use extra virgin olive oil. You also can have a lot of green salads and cabbage. The only dressing you can have is olive oil and vinegar or just squeeze lemon on it.Sprouted bread mainly although Dr B said you could have a little wheat bread as long as it home made without the preservatives. Drink lots of freshly squeezed lemon in water. Can use little Stevia to sweeten. Nothing packaged / processed of course! Here is his protocol with supplements. He said this was curing 90% of the people that came to him before he passed away a few years ago.