Walt used NMN for 2 months but he didn't notice major changes in his body. However, in the video, he covers testimonials of other people who used NR/NMN for longer periods of time and got good results for anti-aging, grey hair, and more energy.

Does NMN & Resveratrol actually slow aging? | Biological DNA Age Testing Part 2

July 2020

I show my age test results and the 54 testimonials page I made, along with info on the need for NMN to be cold and how I take it. I also explain a free give away.

Stuff I use in video:

Horvath based age test: https://amzn.to/3cybfcR
NMN: https://amzn.to/2y3nqPL
New Resveratrol:  https://amzn.to/38D43LD
NMN & Resveratrol 30 day supply combo pack I buy and take:
Scale I use to measure NMN: https://amzn.to/2JUhKdw

List of Testimonials people left in the comments regarding NMN & Resveratrol:

Video Timeline:

0:00 – Intro 
1:27 – Storing | Why Type/Brand | How | Cost of NMN & Resveratrol
5:18 – Does NMN need to be shipped and stored cold?
7:09 – 54 Testimonials and my personal testimonial
10:40 – How to win a free month NMN and resveratrol
11:50 – Human trials info and couple interesting articles 
18:24 – My DNA age biological 6-month age test results

If you not sure what NMN is or what I am talking about in this video here are the other videos I made about this first that will help bring you up to speed:
Video that explain NMN & anti-aging drugs in depth::

Link to Part 1 Does NMN & Resveratrol actually slow again? | Biological DNA Age Testing 
Link to the part 1 of my first experiment:
Here is a link to the part 2 video of my first experiment:
Here is a link to the part 3 video of my first experiment:

3 articles I reference in the video:

The American journal of Clinical nutrition



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