Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC, discusses the benefits of low histamine diet for anxiety, depression, gut health, and brain fog. He also explains the benefits of probiotics for brain fog and gut health.

Brain Fog? Here's Why You Need to Heal Your Gut (DO THIS!!) | MIND PUMP

June 2018

Brain Fog? Here's Why You Need to Heal Your Gut | Mind Pump
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Dr. Michael Ruscio, our resident gut health specialist, joins us again to chat with Mind Pump co-host Sal DiStefano to discuss brain fog, it's connection to your second brain - your gut, and which diets are best if you're looking to heal your gut. Dr. Ruscio just released his new book "Healthy Gut Healthy You" which is available now on Amazon.com. 

Gut Health & Your Mind 

Brain Fog - fuzzy thinking, memory impairment, impaired word recall, semi-slurred speech, mild cognitive impairment. 

There is a gut to brain connection. 

Consumption of inflammatory foods:

Try an elimination diet
Paleo diet is a good place to start
Probiotics have been shown to improve brain fog, depression, and anxiety

“Healthy Gut Healthy You” by Dr. Michael Ruscio 
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If you enjoyed this episode with Dr. Ruscio please let us know in the comments below. Here are some additional questions we can address:

What are the worst inflammatory foods?
How to know if you have a healthy gut microbiome?
Probiotics vs prebiotics??
Are the benefits of fasting worth it?
Should I try intermittent fasting??
What is leaky gut?
What is candida overgrowth? 

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