Dr Janelle Sinclair, biochemist and natural practitioner, explains the food and supplements people should take to get rid of brain fog including: apple cider vinegar, allicin, oregano, probiotics, and berberine. She also advises to follow the low FODMAP diet to improve gut health and reduce brain fog.

BRAIN FOG depression and gut health | Treat the root cause not the symptom

December 2018

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Do you experience brain fog, depression and gut problems? Do you have anxiety stomach issues? Are you looking for a depression treatment diet that is an effective anxiety brain fog and depression brain fog cure? This video is for you.

Dr Janelle Sinclair discusses how poor gut health is the root cause of your brain fog and depression, as well as anxiety and brain fog. Depression, anxiety and gut health are interconnected. Research is discovering that there is a gut brain connection.

The best brain fog cure is one that treats the imbalances in the gut, using a depression diet plan, and mood probiotics.

Dr Janelle will discuss a case study of one of her clients, that had severe brain fog and depression. She will show you how she diagnosed the problem, gave this women an easy diet to try and a few supplements and herbs. Within days the brain fog and depression resolved, and the client was able to resume work again. In this video you will learn strategies to relieve your brain fog too.

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