Jun 19, 2016

It has many benefits. It not only keeps your body healthy, but also helps you fight many diseases and prevent many diseases. Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant. It helps from free radicals which cause lots of damage to our body. So boost your immune system by taking alkaline water regularly because it has long term effects on the health. Drinking alkaline water detoxifies your body, because of its ability to wash away all the unwanted toxins from the body and not allowing them to thrive. Drinking more water is the base of detoxed diets and drinking alkaline water would be little ahead in the moving the process. So alkaline water also helps in fighting the cancer, because simple reason, cancer cells do not live in the pH balance environment. Cancer cells thrive in acidic environment. So the alkaline water removes the possibility of cancer cells thriving and also if the person has cancer it also manages and reduces cancer like it does not allow more cancer cells to be developed and even healthy people would be recommended to drink alkaline water and they may cut down all the possibilities of anything malignant that happens in the future and so alkaline water helps in fighting cancer cells. Alkaline water promotes better hydration making your body reduce ageing. So ageing process is delayed and your body functions optimally. Alkaline water also helps you reduce weight faster. If a person is acidic in nature, its very difficult to lose weight. But if the person has neutral pH level he loses weight faster. That’s why in nutrition we treat the person first taking away from his acidity and acidity or GERD and then treating him for the weight loss.  Alkaline water will help you reduce weight because the fat storage is reduced or minimized. A person with healthy pH levels will lose the weight faster than the persons with high levels of acidity. One of the proven benefits of alkaline water also includes to bring down the diabetes. Now thisis a study already going on. The blood sugar could also be brought down by drinking alkaline water with undetectable blood sugar. Alkaline water also reduces or cures psoriasis. Actually psoriasis is a skin condition which is untreatable but it has been found that by drinking alkaline water it can be reduced and cured. So just by simply applying alkaline water on the affected areas and drinking regularly would help reduce psoriasis. Not last but the least, alkaline water also has effect of balancing the pH level of the body by neutralizing the acid level. Its best as a preventive health care, but also people with certain diseases or certain health challenges can still consider consuming alkaline water. So well, I mean, there are lots of studies going on, on the benefits of alkaline water. However it’s not proven yet. So please take your own call before taking alkaline water.