A Concise Guide to Cannabis Inhalers
This article discusses cannabis inhalers and explains their benefits.

A Concise Guide to Cannabis Inhalers

By: Nicole Richter 
7 Jan 2020

Cannabis use has diverged more than ever, especially since companies have come up with more and more ways to consume the beloved plant. Cannabis can currently be smoked, eaten, applied topically, vaporized – and as of recently, inhaled. The act of physically smoking cannabis isn’t suitable for everyone, and so many different methods of administration have begun to appear so that everyone can still reap the benefits of such a beneficial and healing plant.

Many patients or consumers who suffer from asthma or any lung-related illnesses may not be able to get their cannabis through smoking due to the effects of combustion on the lungs. These organs are not made to process and absorb such combusted materials or smoke.

That is where cannabis inhalers come into play.

Cannabis inhalers have been on the path of development over the past few years, and after many trials in the lab, they’re finally becoming available to customers and patients for medicinal (and recreational) usage. They are very simple to use, and not only are they helping clients who cannot smoke cannabis, but also helping to add to cannabis’ image as more of a medical substance since it is in an inhaler; many asthma medicines (legitimate, pharmaceutically-accepted medicines) are housed in such containers.

In this article, we will be taking a look at cannabis inhalers and helping you to understand what they are and how they can help you.

What Are Cannabis Inhalers?

Cannabis inhalers are inhalers that contain the cleanest and purest form of cannabis. What this means is that by ingesting cannabis through an inhaler, you do not have to take in any of the negative effects that are involved in combustion via the traditional smoking route.

You get simply all the medicinal aspects of the cannabis plant, such as the cannabinoids, THC, terpenes, etc. In addition, instead of repetitively lighting the herb, you get a fresh boost of CBD and THC every time you pump your inhaler through its propellant.

The dosage of the inhaler can also be pre-selected to make sure that you get the perfect amount every single time, at every inhale. This is something that a lot of other cannabis intake methods cannot claim to do. Additionally, the inhaler method is most suitable for medicinal use since you can get the proper dosage every time.

Benefits of Cannabis Inhalers

With cannabis inhalers, you can use them nearly anywhere as people cannot tell the difference between a cannabis inhaler and a regular asthma inhaler, so you are much more able to use it comfortably in public places. The vapor from cannabis inhalers is also practically without an odor, so it’s not like people will suspect you of smoking weed in public. You can keep them easily with you at all times, so you never have to worry about being without it as well, especially as cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia is not legal everywhere and many places forbid cigarette smoke.

Cannabis inhalers also are potentially an alternative to strong pharmaceutical prescription drugs. In addition, inhalers are much more effective due to the higher bioavailability than what you get with smoking a traditional joint. The effects of the CBD will be greatly enhanced because you are getting more of the substance into your bloodstream since the vapor can easily pass through the lungs.

There are also fewer respiratory side effects and problems involved with a vaporizer inhaler than with smoking. Combustion in any form is not good on your lungs, so by having a vaporizer, you are eliminating this harmful process from the equation. You also cut out the byproducts of smoking from entering your body, which could further enhance any other already occurring problems such as asthma, heart disease, and any other respiratory condition. This is why inhalers are better for those with respiratory conditions.

How Can Cannabis Inhalers Help Me?

Cannabis inhalers have a wide array of uses, all the way from therapeutic and recreational to medicinal use. People with cancer or other conditions involving chronic pain, terminal illnesses, asthma, amongst many others are good candidates for cannabis inhalers. Many people experience harsh side effects from smoking a traditional joint such as difficulties in breathing, coughing, irritation of the lining of the throat, and much more.

In addition, taking cannabis via an inhaler can give you the correct and proper measurement of cannabis with every puff, which is much more accurate and safe and helps you to manage your health in a more efficient way.

Even those with debilitating illnesses and diseases can benefit from cannabis inhalers, due to the bioavailability involved in cannabis inhalers, which ensures that the substances are dispersed and

absorbed quickly since it is through vapor and can be easily absorbed by the body.So, they do not only offer a way to bypass the combustion but also act as a fast-acting solution that can help conditions that warrant quick responses as well.

What is the Status of Cannabis Inhalers and Where Can I Get Them?

Unfortunately, cannabis inhalers are a bit limited as of right now in terms of where you can get them. Currently, they are available in the United States and Canada, but as more and more studies are conducted, they will likely gain precedence in other countries as well.

Manufacturers currently offer many different strains and strengths within the inhalers. An inhaler can be refilled with a cartridge and each cartridge usually contains around 100 puffs or inhales. Depending on the dose, each inhale will have a set concentration. With the precision given by the cannabis inhalers, they’re even more accurate than traditional joints, which can even tie with the most strict of regulations in terms of pharmaceuticals.

As of now, cannabis inhalers have not really undergone a lot of trials and publications. As those publications may still be in the works and not officially released, cannabis inhalers continue to be not as standard as they should be. There are a lot of bureaucratic matters involved before cannabis inhalers become the gold standard and first choice amongst any sort of medicinal marijuana community.

Currently, there are a few brands of inhalers that are available throughout dispensaries in the U.S. and Canada. Colorado is one of the biggest hot spots for finding one of these cannabis inhalers since it is perhaps the cannabis capital of the United States and has a large number of dispensaries.

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