May 2020

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Having an enlarged prostate is often embarrassing and frustrating. Constantly having to go to the bathroom, struggling to urinate or fully empty your bladder, can all negatively impact your quality of life.
The good news is that shrinking your prostate doesn't have to involve medication. In addition to changing your diet and lifestyle habits, there are three natural supplements you can take that have been scientifically proven to reduce prostate size and get rid of your symptoms.

1. Beta-Sitosterol
Beta-sitosterol is the most comprehensively studied extract for improving prostate health. Watch our video to find out more about this powerful extract.
2. Vitamin D

There is sufficient evidence to show that vitamin D plays an important role in prostate health. Find out more by watching our video above.

3. Curcumin

Curcumin is the key active ingredient found in turmeric, the popular spice used to make curry. But it's also a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which is used to treat many health issues - including an enlarged prostate. 


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All of the ingredients we use have been shown in clinical studies to reduce urinary urgency, night-time waking, improve urinary flow, symptoms, lower PSA levels, and more. 

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