AUGUST 27, 2020

Beyond easily upping your daily protein count (each 80-calorie egg packs a solid 7 grams of the muscle-builder), eggs also improve your health. They're loaded with amino acids, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Oh, and don't just reach for the whites. You may have been wondering are eggs good for you after egg yolks have been demonized for decades, and we're here to tell you: yes! Egg yolks boast a fat-fighting nutrient called choline, so opting for whole eggs can actually help you trim down.

When you're shopping for eggs, pay attention to the labels. You should opt for organic, when possible. These are certified by the USDA and are free from antibiotics, vaccines and hormones. As for color, that's your call. "The difference in color just varies based on the type of chicken—they both have the same nutritional value," says Molly Morgan, RD, CDN, CSSD a board-certified sports specialist dietitian based in upstate New York.

Below, we've rounded up the 17 incredible health benefits you may experience by eating eggs every day!

1. You'll lose fat.

Largely because of their satiating power, eggs have been linked with fat loss. An International Journal of Obesity study on this produced some remarkable results: Over an eight-week period, people ate a breakfast of either two eggs or a bagel, which contained the same amount of calories. The egg group lost 65% more body weight, 16% more body fat, experienced a 61% greater reduction in BMI, and saw a 34% greater reduction in waist circumference!

2. You'll lower inflammation levels.

Eggs are a major source of dietary phospholipids: bioactive compounds which studies show have widespread effects on inflammation. A recent review published in the journal Nutrients connected dietary intake of egg phospholipids and choline with a reduction in countless biomarkers of inflammation. Lowering inflammation has widespread health benefits that range from lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease to improving the body's ability to break down fat. If you're looking to lower inflammation, look no further than adding these anti-inflammatory foods to your diet.