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Glutathione For Brain Fog

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What science says about Glutathione For Brain Fog

Health experts consider glutathione supplementation beneficial for the management of brain fog symptoms. They suggest that glutathione plays an important role in decreasing inflammation in the brain and reducing toxins and glutamate levels.

By doing so, less nerve cells are damaged and the communication between neurons is regulated. This reduces the symptoms of brain fog and allows the brain to function properly, thus improving mental clarity and enhancing the memory.

Dr. Matt Lewis, Doctor of Chiropractic, CFMP, DACBN, suggests that glutathione supplementation can decrease oxidative stress in the brain, thus reducing brain fog. This supports clearer thinking and greater mental acuity.

Also, Dr. Brian Rade, Naturopathic Doctor, believes that “ our brains need a lot of energy and because they need so much energy they are really dependent on mitochondria working well”. He suggests that glutathione should be supplemented as it benefits brain functions because of its role in protecting the mitochondria from damage.

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