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Glutathione For Autism

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What science says about Glutathione For Autism

Most health experts and scientists agree that glutathione plays an important role in managing and improving symptoms of autism.

This is because glutathione aids in reducing inflammation and controlling glutamate levels in the brain. It does so by removing and detoxifying toxins and chemicals from the body. This lessens the damage of brain cells and reduces the chances of emotional and behavioral disturbances.

Dr. Brian Udell, MD, FAAP, Pediatrician, is very fond of supplementing glutathione to his autistic patients as it aids in improving their symptoms, especially in verbal activity.

Also, nurse Joya Van Der Laan, MSN FNP-BC, suggests taking glutathione to increase its levels in the body because low glutathione levels are associated with autism symptoms. Accordingly, this would decrease oxidative stress levels in the brain, regulating neural functions and controlling autistic symptoms.

Nevertheless, some experts still require more research in order to fully understand the glutathione mechanism in autistic patients and to confirm adequate dosage.

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