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What science says about CBD For Crohn's Disease

Many medical and health experts support the use of cannabis for Crohn’s disease, especially because the results have been positive so far, and the outlook on the treatment is very promising. 

Many individuals have also posted success stories over the internet confirming that cannabis helped them cope with the disease.

Nevertheless, this treatment is fairly new and there’s not enough research to officially conclude that the use of cannabis can cure Crohn’s disease. Furthermore, scientists are not clear about what the most effective dosing of cannabis for Crohn’s disease is. Also, there is no consensus in the scientific community on the best cannabis treatment option for the disease.

And, while there is no real opposition to the use of cannabis for Crohn’s disease, many medical experts are still not using it as a treatment. Instead, they prefer to use FDA-approved conventional drugs and anti-inflammatory steroids to treat this condition.

Some doctors have reservations about using cannabis to treat Crohn’s disease. This is because they are still unclear about cannabis’s exact mechanism of action and believe it might have negative effects on the body. Therefore, before these experts adopt cannabis as a therapeutic approach, they need official FDA approval of a specific dose. They also believe that researchers should conduct more studies on cannabis and its applications for Crohn’s disease.

Opinion in favor of taking Cannabis to treat Crohn’s Disease

Supporters of cannabis use for Crohn’s disease believe that the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, mainly delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD), can help the body maintain its normal functions and cure Crohn’s disease.

Many studies are available to support this theory. For instance, a review titled “Cannabis for the treatment of Crohn’s disease” showed that 45% of individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease who smoked cannabis cigarettes were in remission as compared to 10% of individuals in the placebo group. 

In addition to the research, there are plenty of Crohn’s disease patients posting success stories and testimonials all over the internet about how cannabis use helped them cope with or even cured their disease.


Opinion against taking Cannabis for Crohn’s Disease

While many medical experts do not disagree with the use of cannabis to treat Crohn’s disease per se, some argue that medical marijuana should not be a treatment for Crohn’s disease or any other condition because it has many negative side effects including addiction. 

Furthermore, many experts might argue that there are not enough studies available on this topic. They are also unclear about cannabis’s mechanism of action; therefore, they do not consider it to be a safe treatment option. Thus, until cannabis is officially approved by the FDA, many doctors will not officially prescribe it to Crohn’s disease patients.

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