Aug 22, 2019

Panchakarma therapies are highly recommended in PCOS.  There are many reasons  why a  woman suffering from PCOS  does  not respond  to medications or  any  diet  or  lifestyle  plan that  she  might be  following  or any weight  loss programme  or exercise e programme she might  be following.  Many patients report that it is not working for them. They complain saying that they are not able to loose weight or the symptoms like acne or massive hair loss   triggered by PCOS is  still there. The reason for that according to Ayurveda is  believed to be the congestion in our  body channels that is triggered by the  toxins in our  body that is trigged by the errors in our metabolism. PCOS  as we who  is  due  to  slow  down in our  metabolism and there are  multiple  hormonal  imbalances. So Ayurvedic panchakarma therapies identify this root case. So many of these panchakarma therapies  recommended  in PCOS  help to boost the  metabolism, help to  regularise the cycles. They help in regaining the hormonal imbalances.  Most of the panchakarma therapies that work for our clients are is udvartana chikitsa.  Udvartana is a   dry powder massages and it is a series of therapies typically  done for  8  or  10 days. It helps not only to reduce BMI. It helps to inches lost,  to boost  metabolism and  over a  long  period of  time if  done repeatedly  it helps the patient to bring PCOS  under  control. Singularly udvartnana is not effective.  It is a  series  of  therapies. Based on individual therapies,  we recommend  several panchakarma therapies.  It depends on the chronicity of  PCOS.  It  depends on the condition  the patient is having and the extent of the  imbalance they are facing. Next is the  virechana chikitsa.  Virechana is a  detox  therapy in Ayurveda. It is a long processes, it is    almost a  21  days therapy. It involves  a   combination of  detox  coupled  with strict  diet and  internal medicines  which help  in  boosting digestion  and metabolism.  As I said it is a detox therapy. It directly  help to  cleanse  the  channels of the body at  quickly help  to attain  control over weight. It helps to balance the hormone and it  is  specially  recommended  to boost  fertility.  Virechanana has direct impact to regularise the cycle  and as   well as to boost fertility. It is recommended  for  patients who are  on assisted  reproductive therapy,  or have  infertility  due  to PCOS  or  have  tried  for  IVF  or  have  failed  IVF because  of the underlying  PCOS. Virechana is highly recommended for such patients. Vamana therapy is another type of detox therapy recommended in PCOS. Vamana involves a series of therapies to willingly to give up toxins. It is very effective and there are several studies done in regularising cycles, reducing weight and to make the massive metabolic imbalance and the hormonal imbalance of  PCOD  under control.  Both  vamana and virechana also help in  some pesky problems  like acne  and hair loss under  control. So it is highly  recommended  for that, there is basti  chikitsa  that is given for PCOS. It is given for gut  health   and delivering medicine that is the colon, that is the last part  of the intestine  by bypassing digestion. It is an enema  therapy basically. Basti chikitsa is not just an enema therapy to cleanse colon or to have bowel movement, it is a  highly effective therapy that work on our  fertility on our  hormonal balances, on our metabolism and it is directly delivered in our colon and it is rich in circulation. It absorbs medicine much faster as compared to orally.  Basti chikitsa is very good   for PCOS for boosting fertility, giving long term relief in PCOS and  remaining the long term effects of PCOS and maintaining the  results of treatment.  So udvartana chikitsa, vamana therapy, virechaana therapy and basti chikitsa are highly recommended therapies in PCOS.