March 2018

Today I want to talk to you about one of my favorite amino acids, called Glycine, which is considered an anti-stress amino acid. If you notice, when you take glycine supplements or get glycine from collagen you start to feel very relaxed and good well being in general. 

It is considered a conditional amino acid and can be found easily in bone broth and other animal products. It's more difficult to get glycine in a plant based diet than if you get it in bone broth protein or collagen. 

It is the second most widespread amino acid found in enzymes and protein, it's used to make proteins in the body, which builds up joints, tissue, tendons, and muscle. 

If you're active I highly recommend to have glycine from collagen or gelatin as a staple in your diet. 

It can help heal your GI tract, help with your joint pain and skin health, and it helps control inflammation. Glycine is also found in Testro-X.

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