April 2019

Articles on vitamin K2 seem to be popping up all over the place recently, promising everything from healthier arteries to healthier bones, providing benefits as diverse as anti-diabetic to anti-ageing. But how much can these claims be verified at present? Why aren't nutrition authorities trying to promote mass awareness of this nutrient given the benefits and if the current low intake levels are a crisis? Indeed, why don't they recommend we get it at all?

And given all of this, why do I still decide to take it myself?

Today we'll explore the confusing world of K vitamins, focusing specifically on the available data on clinical outcomes more so than the emerging research on potential mechanisms. Unfortunately, research in this area is lacking at present, but there is enough to help make up your mind whether or not this supplement is worth it for you whilst awaiting the studies coming out in the near future that will bring us closer to understanding this nutrient.

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