“Which supplements for autoimmune disease should I take?” was one of the most common questions asked by my patients with autoimmunity. And since autoimmune diseases are becoming more common all around the globe, the best natural supplements for autoimmune disease is an issue of concern everywhere. Today I’ll cover the four autoimmune supplements that I often recommended to my patients, and explain how you can tackle autoimmunity from every angle using The Myers Way® Autoimmune Kit.

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Support Your Immune System With Autoimmune Supplements

As I explain in The Autoimmune Solution, if you are dealing with autoimmunity, the source of your condition is a glitch in your immune system. Environmental risk factors such as diet, a leaky gut, toxins, infections, and stress lead your immune system to attack your own tissues.

It could be your thyroid being attacked, or your joints under fire, or symptoms associated with your skin. No matter what particular organ or tissue is attacked, your immune system is doing the firing. By supporting rather than suppressing your immune system with the help of autoimmune supplements, you are able to eliminate symptoms and reverse your condition.

Four Key Autoimmune Supplements

No matter the autoimmune condition, these four key autoimmune supplements all work together to support your immune system. When taken together as part of The Myers Way® Autoimmune Kit, these autoimmune supplements — glutathione, curcumin, l-glutamine, and resveratrol — enhance one another’s effects, making them even more powerful autoimmune natural treatments!

In this article, I’ll describe the top 4 physician-formulated autoimmune supplements I recommend to support a healthy immune response, especially when autoimmunity is a concern.

You can also check out my video on the best natural supplements for autoimmune disease below: