May 2022

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I created this video in response to a recent posting by Dr. Brad Stanfiel about NMN human trial results in Japan. This channel focuses on scientific advances spearheaded by Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard and others leading the world in anti-aging research.  Subscribe and join me on this journey.

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________contents of video___________________
00:00 - Intro
00:47 - About The NMN Human Clinical Trial
02:07 - Dr. Brad Stanfield's Video Review
02:39 - The Trial Introduction
03:15 - Trial Dosage Only 250mg
05:15 - No Robust Physical Testing
07:40 - Positive News Of The Trial
08:34 - Brad Stanfield's Complaint With This Trial
10:44 - Chronic Fatigue Relation To Sleep Disturbance
11:23 - Sleep Disorders And Treatments
13:24 - How To Increase NAD+ Levels
14:44 - Summary Of This Human Trial

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