Dec 30, 2017

Virechana is one of the 5 panchakarma in Ayurveda and most recommended if you are suffering from PCOS. There are two cleansing procedures in Ayurveda, one is virechana and other is vamana. Vamana is more advanced panchkarma and it is a detoxification that requires more precision, more training as a medical personnel and it is highly effective. Virechana is equally beneficial and a relatively easier panchkarma procedure to adopt. Virechanan basically means from of inducing purgation or lose motion to induce detoxification in the body. It roughly includes making dietary and lifestyle changes and taking oral medications, till the end of the dietary restriction, it takes a period of 20 to 21 days. You may not have lose stools for all of the 21 days. The treatment which is given to trigger to bowel movements and increase the peristalsis of the intestine and to purgate the toxins is just one day. But the preceding treatments and the dietary restrictions which follow virechana are very strict and they need to be followed with a lot of precision and that’s one which takes the 21 days’ time . The natures of PCOS is such that it puts up a lot of resistance to anything that you do and it is not simple to manage. So imagine a body that is lined with toxins inside the intestines, each cell of your body may be loaded with toxins. It is the toxins that is generated in our body through our metabolic processes in response to stress also, which we refer to as free radicals. These need to be evacuated form the body in order for the body to accept and reciprocate the changes that we are trying to adopt. So that is where detoxification like virechana benefits, we cleanse the body thoroughly. The dietary restrictions that we recommend to follow are very strict. It is not that it is impractical, it is doable. Ayurvedic diets are not exclusion diets, that is a common misconception, we do have strict do’s and don’ts in virechanana. Most of them are inclusion diets, to help a women achieve ovulation, and even if you are undergoing assisted reproductive techniques or if you are undergoing IUI or of you are undergoing embryo transfer or IVF. If you do virechana treatment prior to undergoing such treatments, it definitely helps to enhance your chances of successful conception, we have seen this consistently in our clients and as a feedback from other doctors who work with us. If you are undergoing allopathic treatment, if you undergo one virechana treatment, it definitely helps the outcome of any PCOS treatments.