January 2019

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How Your Body Creates Energy | CoQ10 Benefits | Mitochondrial Energy Support | Optimize Performance - Thomas DeLauer:
CoenzymeQ10 is also known as ubiquinone. What it is, is a co-factor or a coenzyme that allows the conversion of food to energy to actually occur. CoenzymeQ10 is present in what is called the mitochondria. If you've watched my other videos before you know I talk about the mitochondria a lot. The mitochondria is the energy powerhouse inside of a cell. It's literally the motor. It's where everything happens. Without CoenzymeQ10, we're never able to take the food that we eat, the proteins, the fats, and the carbohydrates, and convert it into what is called ATP, adenosine triphosphate. That is what gives us the energy for our muscles to contract, for our brain to work, and for every single cell in our body to have energy. Now usually CoenzymeQ10 is found within the heart, the liver, the kidneys, and the pancreas, but it's also found in smaller amounts throughout the rest of the body, including our muscle tissue.

So for those of you that work out or you're trying to get in shape, you might find that CoenzymeQ10 is very, very important to not only your performance, but also your recovery and your overall fat loss and muscle building. So once CoenzymeQ10 goes from being ubiquinone, where it actually starts using the nutrients that you consume to convert them into energy, it turns into something known as ubiquinol, so it slightly changes. The funny thing is, it's called ubiquinol because of its ubiquitous properties. CoenzymeQ10 does a lot of different things within the body. It doesn't just help energy processing and conversion. It also has powerful antioxidant components. I'll get to those in just a second. You might be wondering why should someone take CoenzymeQ10, or why should they be aware of it. The fact is, after age 25 or 30, we start to lose our levels of CoenzymeQ10. Our mitochondria starts to become less efficient.

So, it's not just age related decline though. A lot of times we'll see any kind of nutritional deficiency, generally speaking things like B vitamin deficiencies, but also if you have any kind of diseased state within the body that might affect neurological function and might actually affect the electron function within your body. But, one that might be applicable to you, is if you're working out or you're moving a lot, you could actually have a tissue depletion of CoenzymeQ10.