In this interview, Dr. Benjamin Bikman discusses the correlation between Alzheimer and insulin resistance and explains why ketones can help treat and prevent Alzheimer.

How Insulin Resistance DESTROYS Your Brain & Causes ALZHEIMER'S / DEMENTIA! | Ben Bikman

June 2021

Nearly six million individuals live with Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S., and the numbers continue to rise. After 30 years of encountering dead ends while addressing Alzheimer’s disease as a problem of brain plaques, researchers are looking at other contributing factors. 
There is a growing body of evidence that indicates a strong correlation between Alzheimer’s disease and a disrupted metabolic state, where the brain can’t get enough energy.
On today’s episode of The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Dr. Benjamin Bikman, a renowned metabolic research scientist, and a popular speaker on human metabolism and nutrition. Backed by years of research, Dr. Bikman’s mission is to help the world appreciate the prevalence and relevance of insulin resistance. He is the author of, Why We Get Sick, which offers a thought-provoking yet real solution to insulin resistance and how to reverse pre-diabetes, improve brain function, shed fat, and prevent diabetes. Dr. Bikman has a Doctor of Philosophy in Bioenergetics from East Carolina University, a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University.

In this episode, we dive into: 
 - Why Alzheimer’s disease is increasingly being referred to as insulin resistance of the brain or Type 3 diabetes (7:30)
 - How the brain runs on different fuel sources (10:24)
 - Why insulin prevents the production of ketones (15:59)
 - Early signs of potential cognitive decline (27:02)
 - Common foods that drive insulin resistance (37:50)
 - The role insulin resistance plays in migraine headaches and epilepsy (52:22)
 - Where to get your carbohydrates from (1:02:25)
 - Foods that fuel your body and brain (1:05:40)
 - How seed oils wreak havoc on our health (1:13:43)
 - What you can do today to reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease (1:24:19)

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