This video discusses the food and supplements for Parkinson. It also lists some of the dos and don'ts to follow.

Food, Water & Supplements: Does Nutrition Play a Role in Parkinson's Disease Symptoms/Progression?

November 2020

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This Expert Briefing will describe the diets that are associated with increased/ decreased risk of developing Parkinson's disease and emerging evidence that nutrition plays a role after diagnosis. The potential risks/ benefits of popular diets (ketogenic, low-carb, Mediterranean, Wahl’s, etc.) will be reviewed and obstacles to eating (loss of smell, lack of appetite, constipation, etc.) will addressed and convenient, cost-effective, healthy dietary suggestions will be provided. Calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, and the role of dietary supplements will be discussed.

Laurie K. Mischley, ND PhD MPH
Bastyr University Research Institute and Seattle Integrative Medicine

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