This video shows how osteopathy treatment was able to relieve this patient from severe lower back pain.


July 2021

Roberto came in with acute low back pain which was causing him to be in extreme pain. Watch as I help him by using a mixture of Osteopathy techniques.

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Dr Gabriele Benedetti | Located in Rome, Italy

Dr. Gabriele Benedetti is an Italian-Danish Osteopath / Chiropractor. 

In his long course of studies, Gabriele has perfected 4 languages and obtained 3 degrees which include Science of Sport, Physiotherapy & Osteopathy.

In his videos, you will see him perform various Osteopathic / Chiropractic adjustments including many Neck Cracks, Back Cracks & Foot Cracks which helps relieve neck pain & back pain 

Disclaimer: Performed by a professional, do not try at home!

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