BV Gokhale, expert in Chelation therapy, explains the causes of heavy metals poisoning and discusses the chelation therapy for detox and heart diseases.

Detoxify your body: The Truth about Chelation Therapy Pt 1

May 2012

BV Gokhale, an expert on chelation therapy, told a packed audience at Moneylife Foundation the dos and don'ts of this lesser known but effective alternative therapy. 

Chelation therapy is the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. For the most common forms of heavy metal intoxication—those involving lead, arsenic or mercury. With industrial growth, there is a problem of toxic metals entering our body, causing degenerative diseases. Chelation therapy helps in cleansing the metals in such cases. Chelox therapy does this by injecting vitamins and minerals into the body through saline.

Bhalchandra V Gokhale is a B. Tech and M. Tech from IIT Bombay. After being diagnosed with heart disease in 1999, he was drawn to study Chelation Therapy. In 2006 he suffered massive heart attack and was told to undergo coronary bypass surgery. He opted for Chelation Therapy, recovered, and based on the experience, he wrote two books in Marathi. His book ""Angioplasty Bypass Surgery Myths"" and ""Chelation Therapy Facts"" provides insights about the therapy. He works with a team of doctors to administer this therapy"

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