This video explains the detrimental effects of heavy metals in the body and how we get them. It also discusses the beneficial effects of chelation for heart disease, auto-immune diseases, fatigue, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and promoting overall health.

Chelation Therapy: Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing and Treatment |

February 2020

Chelation therapy is a treatment that uses medicine to remove metals from your body, so they don't make you sick. When metals like lead, mercury, iron, and arsenic build up in your body, they can be toxic. In this video, Dr. Lewerenz talks about some of the common side effects that someone with heavy metal toxicity many be experiencing and the method he uses to test your body for heavy metals.


Dr. James Lewerenz takes a multifaceted approach to impact the lives of his patients. Using functional medicine, he looks at every patient on an individual, case-by-case basis, asks lots of questions, and works diligently to find the root cause of the individual's chronic pain or illness. Dr. Lewerenz is passionate and dedicated to bringing his personal experience, knowledge, and training to enhance one’s quality of life, at any age. Be well! 

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